SchoolMates enables you to re-connect and keep in touch with your class mates within the United Kingdom.

We have over 32,200 educational establishments listed covering primary, secondary, academies, colleges and universities. If the educational establishment you attended does not exist anymore (or maybe the name has changed) then that's not a problem, just use the "Can't find your school" link to let us know the details and we will add it to our list.

As well as keeping in touch with classmates of the schools you attended, you can also use our website to find your friends who attended other schools.

SchoolMates provides a service that is relevant through life's journey!

If you have left education then SchoolMates provides the perfect opportunity to share your photos and memories from the years you attended.

If you are leaving a school, college or university in the near future then SchoolMates offers you the perfect way to keep in touch with your class mates.

Please join the SchoolMates Community so your class mates can keep in touch no matter what stage you are at in life.

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